Human nature and the social order

Thorndike, E. L.


Human nature and the social order

The A B C of human behavior. Abilities. Great abilities. Wants. The mesurement of wants and satisfaction. Mental dynamics. Individual differences. The causation of abilities, wants, and propensities. The causation of individual differences in achievements, wants, and propensities. Conflicts of wants, conscience, and judgements about values. Valuation. Living by science. Special facts, principles and applications. Human nature and the science of philanthropy. The welfare of future men. The welfare of the presente and the near future. Other causes of welfare. Economics, business, and realistic ethics. Utility and disutility: supply and demand. Natural resources and capital. Labor and management. Buying and selling: consumption. Payments for human factors. Money and credit. Owenership. The psichology of capitalism and alternative systems


Thorndike, E. L.. (1942). Human nature and the social order ([No definido] ed.). MacMillan.


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  • Ciudad:New York
  • Fecha Publicación1942
  • Editorial:MacMillan
  • ISBN:[No definido]


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