Art : over 2,500 works from cave to contemporary

Dorling Kindersley, ed.


**ART is the definitive visual guide to over2,500 paintings and sculptures from around the world, from prehistory to the 21st. century. Accesible, engaging, and throughly comprehensive, ART shows you how to look at-and understand-works of art, before guiding you chronologically through the milestones of art history**, the editors. LOOKING AT ART. Subject and composition. Perspective and viewpoint. Light and shade. Media and techniques. Color. Brushstrokes and texture. PREHISTORY TO 1400 CE. Prehistoric art. Ancient near East. Ancient Egypt. Civilizations of the East. Ancient Greece. THEMES: NUDES. The Etruscans and Ancient Rome. Outside the Empires. Early Christian and Byzantines. Carolingian. Ottonian. Viking art. Anglo-Saxon and Christian. Early Islamic art. South Asia. Southeast Asia. East Asia. Central and South America. Romanesque and Gothic art. Early Italian art. Internatioal Gothic art. 15TH AND 16TH CENTURIES. Italian Renaissance. THEMES: MYTH AND LEGEND. Mannerism. China: Ming Dynasty. Japanese art. Central and South America. 17TH AND 18TH CENTURIES. Baroque. THEMES: ANIMALS. Neoclassicism. English Watercolorists. Colonial America. China: Oing Dynasty. Japanese art. Islamic art. Hindu art. 19TH CENTURY. Romanticism. THEMES: LOVE. Realism. Pre-Raphaelites. Victorian art. French Academic art. Japanese art. Impressionism. Neo-and Postimpressionism. THEMES: CHILDREN. The Nabis. Symbolism and ArtNouveau. Scandinavian art. End of the Century. Sculpture. African art. Oceania. EARLY 20TH CENTURY. Fauvism. German Expressionism. Pre-war Vienna. Cubism. Futurism, Rayonism and Orphism. Birth of Abstract art. THEMES: WORK. Early british Modernism. Early US Modernism. Naive painting. École de Paris. Constructivism. Surrealism. Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity). Avant-Garde. Realism and figurative painting. Mexican art. 1945 ONWARD. Abstract expressionism. THEMES: WAR. Postwar Europe. Abstract painting and sculpture. Minimal art. Pop art. THEMES: PORTRAITS. Op art and Kinetic art. Assemblage, junk and land art. Superrealism. Feminist art. Neo-Expressionismand Graffiti art. New Media. Contemporary Sculpture. Australian Aboriginal art. Europe Today. Africa Today. North America Today. Glossary. Index. Acknowledgements.


Dorling Kindersley, ed.. (2008). Art : over 2,500 works from cave to contemporary (1a.ed. ed.). Dorling Kindersley.


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  • Edición:1a.ed.
  • Ciudad:Ciudad de Nueva York
  • Fecha Publicación2008
  • Editorial:Dorling Kindersley
  • ISBN:9780756639723


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