A history of African-American artists : from 1792 to the present

Bearden, Romare. Henderson, Harry


A HISTORI OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN ARTIST**A landmark work of art history: lavishly illustrated and extraordinary for its thoroughness, A History of African-American Artists-conceived, researched and written by the great American artist Romare Bearden with journalist Harry Henderson, who completed the work after Bearden´s death in 1988-gives a conspectus of African-American art from the late eighteenth century to the present. It examines the lives and careers of more than fifty signal African-American artists, and the social, and political trends both in America and throughout the world. Beginning with a radical reevaluation of the enigma of Josha Johnston, a late eigh-teenth century portrait painter widely assumed by historians to be one of the earliest known African-American artists, Bearden and Henderson go on to examine the careers of Robert S. Duncanson, Edward M. Bannister, Henry Osawa Tanner, Aaron Douglas, Edmonia Lewis, Jacob Lawrence, Hake A. Woodruff, Augusta Savage, Charles H. Alston, Ellis Wilson, Archibald J. Motley, Jr. Horace Pippin, Alma W. Thomas, and many others. Illustrated with more than 420 black-and white illustrations and 61 color reproductions-including rediscovered classics, works no longer extant, and art never before seen in this country-A History of Africa-American Artists is a stunning achievement**, the editors. THE LATE EIGHTEENTH AND NINETEENTH CENTURIES.The Question of Joshua Johnston. Robert S. Duncanson. Edward M. Bannister. Grafton T. Brown. Edmonia Lewis. Henry Ossawa Tanner. Other significant Early Artists. THE TWENTIES AND THE BLACK RENAISSANCE. Aaron Douglas. Richmond Barthé. Archibald J. Motley, Jr. Palmer C. Hayden. Augusta Savage. Malvin Gray Johnson. W. H. Johnson. Hale A. Woodruff. Sargent Johnson. EMERGENCE OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN ARTISTS DURING THE DEPRESSION. Three influential people-Alain Leroy Locke. Charles Christopher Seifert, Mary Beattie Brady. Charles H. Alston. Eldzier Cortor. Beauford Delaney. Joseph Delaney. Jacob Lawrence. Norman Lewis. Hughie Lee-Smith. Ellis Wilson. THE NAIVE SELF-TAUGHT ARTISTS. William Edmondson. Horace Pippin. ART DEPARTMENT IN AFRICAN-AMERICAN COLLEGES. James A. Porter. Lois Mailou Jones. James Lesesne Wells. POST-WORLD WAR II AFRICAN-AMERICAN ARTISTS. Charles White. Elizabeth Catlett. John T. Biggers. Carroll H. Simms. Alma W. Thomas. Ed Wilson. James W. Washington, Jr. Richard Mayhew. NOTES. INDEX. ILLUSTRATION CREDITS. PERMISSIONS ACKNOWLEDGMENTS.


Bearden, Romare. Henderson, Harry. (1993). A history of African-American artists : from 1792 to the present (1a.ed. ed.). Pantheon Books.


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  • Edición:1a.ed.
  • Ciudad:Ciudad de Nueva York
  • Fecha Publicación1993
  • Editorial:Pantheon Books
  • ISBN:0394570163


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