A transatlantic avant-garde : American artists in Paris, 1918-1939

Levy, Sophie, ed.


ATRASATLANTIC A VANT-GARDE: **Cultural links have long been among the important ties binding the United States and France. Indeed, French and American artistas have influenced each other to such an extent that it is impossible today to imagine the art of one country without the influence of the other. The interwar period was one of the most fruitful times for artistic exchange, as Ameicans in Paris absorbed trends in the French avant-garde and reshaped them through their own artistic lenses. American artists, in turn, introduced new elements of modernism to their Parisian counterparts, contributing to a dynamic process of artistic creativity and innovation. This outstanding exhibition is a wonderful opportunity for visitors to the Musée d´Art Américan Giverny to see some of the masterpieces of the interwar period, including works by Alexander Calder, Stuart Davis, Charles Demuth, Lee Miller, and Man Ray. The exhibition will subsequently travel to the United States, underscoring the cross-cultural character of this American art inspired by France**, The Honorable Howard H. Leach, Ambassador of the United States of America to France. **Sympathetic order**, Sophie Levy. THE PURITY OF THE OBJECT. From nature morte to contemporary plastic life: Purism, Leger and the Americans, Kenneth E. Silver. Exposition Internationales L´Art d´Aujourd´hui, Sophie Levy. A picture of Americaby Gerald Murphy, Jocelyne Rotily. **Ultramodern** American Premieres in Paris: Within the Quota and Ballet Mecanique, Francesca Rose. THE BIRTH OF THE GEOMETRIC ABSTRACTION. The view of Americans in the Cahiers D´Art before 1940, Christian Derouet. Reciprocal influences: Albert EugeneGallatin, and Jacques Mauny, Vanessa Lecomte. Albert Eugene Gallatin and the Paris-New York, Connectin, 1927-1942, Gail Stavitsky. **THE CHEMISTS OF MYSTERY**. Man Ray: An American in Paris, Emmanuelle De L´Ecotais. Atelier 17, Katherine Bourguignon. Exposition Internationale du Surréalisme, Katherine Bourguignon. Boxes, books, and the boit-en-valise, Janine Mileaf. THE PORTRAITS OF THE AVANT-GARDE. To be is to be perceived: Portraits of the Avant-Garde in Paris, Brown A. E. Griffith. American **Little Magazines** in Paris, Katherine Bourguignon. **Salon de l´Escalier**, Bronwyn A. E. Griffith. Albert Eugene Gallatin´s Travel Kit, Christian Derouet. The Studio of Constantin Brancusi, Eliza Johnson. CHRONOLOGY 1918-1939. Selected Bibliography. List of Exhibited Works Not Reproduced in the Catalogue.


Levy, Sophie, ed.. (2003). A transatlantic avant-garde : American artists in Paris, 1918-1939 (1a.ed. ed.). University of American Press.


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  • Edición:1a.ed.
  • Ciudad:Berkeley
  • Fecha Publicación2003
  • Editorial:University of American Press
  • ISBN:0520242076


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